Home Discussion Forum How can I figure out what my chakra colors are?

How can I figure out what my chakra colors are?

This guy said his are different than the ones he read in books but how do I really know what color mine are? How do I figure what color mine are?
how will meditating let me know what color my chakras are?


  1. Meditate and focus on your energy centres… use body awareness to lift and move energy thru your body.. the more you do this the more in touch with the energy centres you will be
    Edit meditation helps as you are focus and intent on the subject… thinking about in the a ‘loud’ environment will get you no where really.. reading will help but ultimately you need to focus on the the actual energy centres to know them…. Its like saying you can play the piano when you have thought about it or read about it.. but never touched the keyboard

  2. Uh…. What?Are you liek sum anime fan or sumtin’?
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  3. “This guy” is a little off. Your chakras ARE the colors they are described as being in most books. Healthy chakras, at least. They form a rainbow from bottom to top and should have a strong spin. Auras, however, THOSE can be different from person to person.


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