Home Discussion Forum How can I feng shui my bedroom? (make it more peaceful??)?

How can I feng shui my bedroom? (make it more peaceful??)?

I’d like to ‘feng shui’ my bedroom. I’m on a mega budget and I dont have a ton of space to work with. What are some things I can do to make it more feng shui-ish? (sites would help too ). I really just want to make it a more peaceful environment. Plus I’ve been getting more into meditation so this seems like the next step.
By the way I posted this in the R&S section on purpose for people wondering. I figured maybe some of the people hanging out in this section might be into zen/meditation, etc and might have some useful tips


  1. We had our home looked at by a Feng Shui practitioner and the guidelines for the bedroom were pretty simple. The bed should always be facing the door. It is a primal instinct to want to know whose coming through a door especially for safety reasons so to assuage this it is essential to have the bed face the door. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. Choose a color that lifts your spirits and relaxes you. Altars are not really good to have in the bedroom so if you have one in your bedroom then you might consider moving it. Really take the opportunity to sit in your space before making decisions. You should be able to move around the room easily and comfortably. Hope this helps. You could also do a simple energy clearing around the door of your bedroom with sage. This is for protection and fosters positive energy.

  2. Be sure that when you lift your head off of your pillow, you are facing north. That is the single most effective change you can make. You will tell the difference right away. Peace.

  3. If you have a mega budget (large budget) then hire a feng shui practitioner to help you. They can assess your situation in detail and make lots of suggestions.
    If you have limited cash, get some feng shui books out of the public library and use those to assess your bedroom and make changes yourself.
    I took a class in Feng Shui and some guidelines for the bedroom were:
    The door should be easy to see by someone laying in the bed, but the person laying in bed should not have their feet pointing directly out the door (which is very bad).
    There should be no mirrors in the bedroom, or if there are, cover them except for the moment you are using them. (Sometimes books offer conflicting suggestions saying that if your bed is placed poorly, you can use a mirror to see the door from your sleeping position.)
    There should be no large beams directly over the bed, or corners of the room or large pieces of furniture pointing directly at the bed, if possible. If there are, obscure the corners with plants, decorative draped cloth, or something else like that.
    In traditional systems, the directions it would be good for your head to face depends on your birth year. There are four good directions and four not-so-good ones for each person.
    Above all, keep the room neat and uncluttered so that energy can flow smoothly around the room.
    It would be difficult to make other suggestions on this forum because I don’t know what your bedroom looks like. Much of Feng Shui is correcting for bad placements and such, and you have to see the area to know what the difficulties are. As mentioned, you can learn much of this in books yourself.

  4. Lots of cushions in “soft” color tones. Same with colors of the walls. A few green plants The sort that do not need all out intensive everyday care. A few big aromatic candles or some other form of incense. Some natural light (a clean window?) if possible and a pleasant shade of drapes. Very Zen, very warm and most peaceful.


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