Home Discussion Forum How can I feel and guide my energy during Taoist meditation?

How can I feel and guide my energy during Taoist meditation?

I’ve been working on this and simply not feeling it. Any advice?


  1. Your shallow, irrelevant, misguided and you have no sense of inner reality and the chance of you reaching Nirvana are just a little better than the chance of mankind realizing world peace.
    But maybe, just maybe there is hope for you. Try joining NAMBLA and see if that helps. Good Luck

  2. Binaurals can help enormously with energy sensing, in particular the Monroe Institute’s “Gateway Experience” CDs.
    Alternatively, track down a copy of Robert Bruce’s “Energy Work”. There’s a cut down tutorial here:

  3. I like using binaurals, and even have created 2 hypnosis screen savers, which are on my website in which I use binaurals to aid them. There is quite a bit of free binaural downloads on the net, I have had some good experience with SBaGen — Sequenced Binaural Beat Generator, which is free and the real deal as well, all binaurals it contains is based on the Monroe institute. It comes with read me files and other text files that fully explain it. Here is the website link where you can get that and read all about it. http://uazu.net/sbagen/
    Binaurals help in many areas as well, such as enhancing your study experiences and promoting whole brain thinking, meaning you can use your right and left hemispheres of the brain equally.


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