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How can I fasten the healing process of a deep graze?

I fell off a rope swing today and scrapped my inner arm across the gravel on my lower forearm and by my biceps. It’s very painful and looks really bad! It is blotchy and red where the skin has gone. I washed it immediately and then rubbed some Savlon on it.
Is there any way to speed up the healing process? I want a normal arm again! Thanks


  1. Use arnica cream or take arnica homeopathic remedy. It helps promote healing.
    Leave it alone after that and let your skin heal itself, it’s very good at it.
    If it appears scarred afterwards, rub Palmers cocoa butter or Bio oil into it.

  2. Perhaps you might try keeping it moisturised – with something like savlon, not a perfumed body moisturiser – as this changes the appearance and makes it softer to how it feels and to look at, when it starts to repair you can use a repair oil from any good chemist. Some wounds can be treated with honey as believe it or not honey has fantastic healing properties as well as being good for the skin (Honey kills the bacteria, keeps the skin sterile, and speeds healing.), but I would suggest using this when you know you won’t be wearing long sleeves or going out -perhaps a small bandage over the honey will stop it getting everywhere.
    Good luck :))


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