How can i enter to play tennis for 2012 olympics?

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i am 17 years old and i would like to enter to play in the olympics 2012 but i dont know the requirments and how to enter! do i have to be in a league or how does the selection process work? Please help i really want to get into it !
(sites, advice, phone numbers of arenas etc=would all help)
thank you All .

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basically if you are good enough your country will select you, and seeing as all the pro players want to play in the olympics but can’t because there is a limit on how many each country can pick i think a snowball has more chance in hell than you playing in the olympics.


lets based the criteria for 2008 Olympics single competition.
world’s top 48 players will be seeded outright (as of June, 2008 rankings)
2 players will be invited by tripartite commission (ATP for men, or WTA for women, IOC and the host nation)
8 players will be selected in the final qualification which will be based on world rankings (those who were not included in the first 50 players selected after July, 2008 rankings, )
6 players will be selected based on continental representation (ATP/WTA and IOC will decide on this matter).
also, a country can enter 4 men and 4 women in singles event.
so basing on that criteria which i think will be the same criteria that will be used in 2012, it seems you need to join the WTA tour to gain some ranking points for the next 4 years in hopes of joining the 2012 Olympics. if you think you can do it, then start joining tournaments now.
good luck…


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