Home Discussion Forum How can I do yoga without hurting my wrists?

How can I do yoga without hurting my wrists?

I just started this week. I am super-flexible, but my wrists are sore, even when I’m done (probably because I don’t have enough arm muscles). Any advice?


  1. try some strap on arm weights and discontinue any moves that put pressure on your wrists. if you are thin you might have the equivalent of shinsplints in your arms…..just lay off of any movement that causes impact to your wrists and get an x-ray if it doesn’t heal in 4-6 weeks. also….it could be some type of nerve irritation.

  2. for any posture that requires you to put a lot of weight on your wrists(e.g. plank pose–sort of like a push up w/o lowering yourself), make a fist instead of an open hand. I have the same problem!
    Hope this helps


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