How can I do yoga on a regular basis without buying DVDs or taking classes?

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Basically I would like to know where, on the internet, I could find free yoga lessons/classes/poses. Preferably more than one so that I wouldn’t have to keep doing the same poses every single day.
I would simply prefer to not spend any money, considering I don’t have much available for spending at the moment. That’s why I would like to find something on the internet.

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Ur LoSeR

you can go to a book store and get a book on yoga


you could probably search for yoga poses on yahoo or other places


Why do you have to find that on the internet? Go to the book store or the library and get a book on yoga i.e poses, etc.


Try Google Videos , youtube ,veoh .


There is a site:
They have hour-long sessions that change daily, and are free to watch. It may be just what you are looking for.

Jennifer T

I was also going to say
Also, has lots of tutorials and other helpful info. If you try yogatoday and there is a posture you just don’t get, try looking it up on Yoga Journal for a step-by-step guide.


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