Home Discussion Forum how can I do the astral projection?

how can I do the astral projection?

i’d like to now how to do the astral projection, is there a way to do that easily?


  1. Get down on your knees and bend way over putting your shoulders on the ground, push back and up and your astral will project.
    I’m Darth McCain and I approve this message.

  2. 4 parts LSD, 3 parts mescaline, 1part mushroom caps, and 5 parts MDMA. Shaken, not stirred. Inject it directly into your heart or spinal column. Now climb up real high onto a tall cliff, and sit right on the edge for 12 hours.

  3. Yes.
    You won’t like it though.
    First, get to a secluded place. A high mountaintop will do.
    And by secluded, I mean no human structures nearby. Approximately two miles from any civilization. Draw a circle in chalk around you and pray to anything you can think of that it doesn’t rain.
    Then cast your mind out. Up and out. Past the sun until you can see the darkness of space. Then continue. Rip through the thin shroud that is the illusion of darkness at night, and you will see that which lies beyond the stars.
    When you have returned to your body, rub a tiny hole in the chalk circle and run as fast as you can. No matter what happens, you cannot look back. If you do, the madness of what is there will slowly leak into your mind.

  4. You can’t as there is no such thing; it is self delusion. You could try smoking some Salvia Divinorum, if it is legal where you live (it is in the UK).

  5. The long way is Yoga mediation
    The “easy” way is shock.
    Basically once to KNOW on a very deep level that you are not your body you can go anywhere in non-corporeal form.
    My experience:
    I was caught in a rock slide in the Rockies and sustained a compound fracture in my arm and had some skin abraded from my back. Next thing I knew I was watching my rescuers picking their way carefully towards me from about 50 feet above my trapped body.
    I was at a religious seminar in LA enjoying an ice coffee with some Buddhists and Scientologists when one of them said “Be 10 feet behind your head!” in a loud commanding voice and I was.
    Peter Lamborn Wilson (AKA Hakim Bey) invited everyone listening to him on the radio (WBAI) to attend an astral party in Antarctica while they slept. I’m pretty sure I was there.
    When I do astral project most things I see are vague along the edges of my vision. I seem to be only able to really focus on one thing that’s directly in front of me.
    Maybe the yoga route would provide better clarity?


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