Home Discussion Forum how can i do jutsu without chakra?

how can i do jutsu without chakra?

if yes then tell me how to do that jutsu


  1. lets start from the beginning here. let me know if the words are too big for you to understand
    jujutsu is japanese
    chakra is indian or hindu
    jujutsu japanese
    chakra indian
    is it sinking in yet.
    now when you stop watching cartoons and come out into the real world i’ll explain a little more

  2. Jutsu is Japanese for art of. it is proceeded by a word telling you what kind of art it is.
    Kenjutsu. ken = sword jutsu = art of Kenjutsu = art of sword.
    Bu = warrior. Bujutsu = equals art of the warrior.
    Ive never heard of chakra

  3. Ok, my cartoon watching skills are going to bridge the gap on this one.
    As has been said, jutsu is as word that means art or technique. It is used in many places in Japanese martial arts.
    Chakra is an Indian concept that somewhat aligns with chi (Chinese) and ki (Japanese). They all have their own meanings but as generalized concepts they kind of do the same thing. Incidentally some can argue that the soul is yet another variation on the same concept but I won’t get into that.
    In Naruto they use chakra to add super power to their techniques. This doesn’t exist in reality.
    Dragonball, Naruto and Bleach all use a kind of energy to do the same thing (super strength, speed and energy attacks). They all use different terms so they don’t get accused of ripping one another off. I’m sure there are many more examples but these are the three I’m most familiar with\came to mind.
    If you want to learn a martial art you don’t have to have super powers. The training itself will never give you super powers. It will give you skills that could seem extraordinary to novices or people with no training of their own, but it isn’t magic.
    Find out what’s available in your area and check them out. Pick a school that is taught the best. The style isn’t as important as the quality of your teacher. You will also have to work hard but that is every bit as important as the quality of your teacher.
    Martial arts are great and are something you can do your entire life. Just understand that cartoons are embellished and quite frankly fantasy. Accept both for what they are and train hard. Good luck.

  4. Hi there
    Ok shihan j’s already given it to you straight so heres my take on what youre asking!
    Jutsu meaning technique can be applied to anything! Chakra means some colourful energy that surrounds your body? If you can see it!
    If you want to do jujutsu simply take hold of uke and start ragging him about! forget about the silly colours!
    People that get interested in this the crap to start with seem to miss what the budo is trying to teach them? Dont base your foundation on philosphical nonsense and spiritual crap you have seen on the tv! If you really want to know more about your chakras, kuji, hara etc then train for ten years and evaluate it then!
    Leave the meditation to the hippies and the martial to martial artists! Cross over when you have a good understanding of both!
    Simply put if you dont train how can you get a feeling or develop any of this? Just saying you beleive in something with out any experience of it isnt enough!
    Kyojutsu! Its everywhere!
    Best wishes

  5. wow, r u on fantasy island? man chakra, is an indian concept for centers of energy in the body that help it attune. jutsu r from naruto based off the concept of black magic it’s fake. wait a minute…y am i wastin my time. not to chastise but don’t ask questions about cartoons

  6. Yes, but only in a place called Reality.
    Jutsu i simply Japanese for “technique”. Even tying your shoes is a jutsu. Chakra is a Hindu belief similar to chi. They have nothing to do with each other. You watch too much Naruto, it’s all BS and it’s bad for ya’.

  7. i would like to know how to learn to see the chakra or whatever it is called and how to create it to help with some other things and i know wome people probably dont think it will ever work but if possible i would use the chakra for jutsu or stuff like that i mean come on who wouldnt like to be able to make clones of them selves or breath fire or hold lightning and stuff like that


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