Home Discussion Forum how can i do astral projection?

how can i do astral projection?

i’ve been thinking…would’nt it be great to travel everywhere you want just by doing it?…so how can i do it and how does it work?


  1. i-doser look it up it changes your wavelengths in your brain to make you feel things. (its like getting hi but you wont die, be careful though it could mess you up somehow, its not illegal btw) it also has other things such as sleeping angel and migraine cure. 🙂 im not advertising by the way you can just get it free off of isohunt or torrent sites

  2. I’m sure that unless you can do real magic, this is an impossibility.
    However, ppl have reported cases of seeing sick ppl walk in their homes and other places when they are supposed t be on the hospital bed.


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