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How can I do a Past life regression?

How can I do a past life regression to my friends and family. I need step by step please!
I need step by step help on doing this.I have had to experiences already, without me wanting to.Also I have also done past life regressions to my mom because me and my mom have read so many books about the topic.Also, I don’t really need counseling from a physic! This is because my and my mom and naturally born fortune tellers and we cant know no more about the topic because of the knowledge we have.
I just want to find more methods for viewng your past lives!
I dont want any opinions from christians or anyone else who is against this.I was christian too and now I decided that being this way is more pure, relaxing, and spiritual.


  1. deep meditation. profound introspection. also try hypnosis, they say it can regress you up to your past lives.
    have a nice day! ^_^


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