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How can i develope good posture for meditation?

when i sit with my back unsupported, such as in a position like crossed legs(indian style) or lotus position, my lower(usually) back begins hurting within several minutes. this is obviousley a big distraction from my meditation practice, but i really like the idea of using this position for meditation. specifically, what is causing this or what can i do to fix it?


  1. You can try sitting on a cushion designed for meditation, or just sit up against a wall to start, and gradually move away from the wall in successive meditations until you don’t need it.
    This could also be some sort of lower back problem, but since I happen to have a lower back problem, it is hard for me to say if this happens to other people as well.
    The important part is the meditation, and as long as you can find a position in which you can focus, you’ll be fine.

  2. it hurts simply cos the back must be straight. pressure is put on your lower spine when u bend it in that way.
    start with sitting on a chair.
    or in yoga it says u can start with normal cross legged position ot do the half lotus pose to begin with. as u get more supple u can progress to the lotus. i havent acheived the lotus yet but it takes a long time. when done properly ur back will be straight.


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