Home Discussion Forum How can I detect the color of my energy or aura?

How can I detect the color of my energy or aura?

Is it based on appearance? personality ? thoughts? what ? Any help or links on how to detect my aura is very thoughtful.
Thanks in Advance
Have a nice day 🙂


  1. Im not sure how to detect your own aura.
    But it is based upon your overall state of being at any given point in time.

  2. Its green, because you havent taken a shower in so long that you’re giving off an visible green odor. I can tell because those fumes are obviously screwing with your head.

  3. ask a neurologist
    auras are seizure premonitions and should be looked into if you have them a lot

  4. Place your hand on a white surface with fingers spread. Stare at the space between the thumb and 1st finger. After a short time your should see colors. That is your aura.

  5. 1 shitake mushroom dried and powdered
    1 psilocybin mushroom dried and powdered
    add to 1 teaspoon of rose hip tea strain with hot water in cup.
    Drink all tea…….and wait.
    I really don’t know any other way.
    Hope that helps.

  6. I am a kid. But when i see a blue object, i see a yellow aura. If i see a red object, i see a green aura. When i look to people, i see a white-yellow aura


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