Sunday, September 26, 2021

How can i deal with self-consciousness and insecurity?

im really shy and i feel like no one around me knows i exist sometimes.
im not a loner or anything i jus want to make new friends


  1. Start a completely new hobby. Something completely different, where there won’t be people you already know present. That way, it will be a good conversation starter when meeting new people, and you will make friends while you are doing it.

  2. Are there some clubs to join where the group has similar interests?
    Also start with doing some little thing you like and can get success at.
    Good luck.

  3. try not to think about your self and tell your self things like you wont and scardie cat or no balls or some thing to make you think i bet i will

  4. I think Alex is right! finding a new hobby gives you something to talk about with other people. Whenever they talk about something and you feel like you know something about that topic just say it … usually it would be appreciated and you’ll be included in a conversation … if you don’t know anything about that topic just listen and meanwhile you can ask questions to know more about that subject so you’ll have what to talk about with other persons. You can do this on and on and on :);)
    You can also search for WikiHow advice. Usually they’re really good. You can try these : (i think you’re a guy … sorry if i’m wrong)
    you can find more… but i can’t put more than 10 links here :d
    I hope these helped 😉
    EDIT : sorry for the links that are put there twice 😀 .. i didn’t realize it until now


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