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How can I cure social awkwardness/quietness/self-consciousness paranoia & be as extroverted & fun as the rest?


  1. without lifestyle coaching I think the easiest suggestion for a party would be alcohol.
    But in general practice makes perfect so stick with it

  2. Stop comparing yourself to “the rest.” They’re not some Godly body, they’re just people like you with similar worries and anxieties.

  3. Have some confidence in yourself !
    Join a club or sport that you enjoy a lot and meet new people.
    When you’re in front of a bunch of people and you start to feel nervous, stop and think to yourself “Do I really care what these people think? I am who I am – I know there’s nothing wrong with me. This is what they get.” Thoughts like that are what you need to arm yourself with before you go out. It’s amazing how confident you become in your actions and your speech when you’re not worried about other people anymore.

  4. Start putting yourselves in social situations and believing in yourself. If you feel awkward in a group of people, it’s all in your head. Silently tell yourself you are superior to all of them and you will feel the confidence. If you act confident, you will soon feel confident. Love and accept who you are, regardless of any imperfections. There is only one you and the world wants to see it so do not let shyness and negativity overpower yourself. People are too preoccupied in their own lives to judge you anyway and are wrapped up in their own flaws and problems. You might as well be strong, step on the paranoia and be yourself. You live in a free generation and can be whoever you want to be – whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.
    If you are shy in order to hide insecurities, brush that away and be loud. To the world, the only insecurities are in themselves. They want themselves to look and sound good – they do not care about imperfections of others. Talk to as many people as you can and be approachable. Listen to what they have to say and add your own insight. You can practice on strangers – the cashier, person walking his dog down the street, your coworker, the person behind you in line. Find common ground! If you’re in the supermarket, talk about how the prices are too high. Talk about politics. People will be flattered to be talked to. Embrace who you are and whoever doesn’t like you, make that motivate you even more to take the confidence and work with it. Their loss. You are always in control – do not underestimate the power you have over all social situations.
    Best wishes. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  5. fake it till you make it….Adopt an attitude of self confidence tell yourself u r as good as everyone else, because u r and u don’t need alcohol or drugs to achieve this….

  6. Don’t try to make yourself something you aren’t.
    Don’t try to be an extrovert, just work on being a little less quiet than you are now.
    BTW, it’s untrue that EVERYONE but you is extroverted.


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