How can I cure my laziness?

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have been lazy since I was 16. I have a good potential but I am just plain lazy(to study , to clean etc,,) I want to become a Flash Developer so I would study 1 day then do nothing for 4 days then I have to restart all over again. Lack of motivation? I don’t know a long time ago I was a passionate by chess , would play all day but would refuse to study the new variances in the opening book. I want to change my life with Zen!! I noticed that I dream very deeply since I start Zen Meditation. Can Zen change my life & make me a winner? I am 48 I need to change now!!

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Alexis B

try playing a sport or coach a team!

Daniel H

I have the same problem.
Im only 18 though 😀
But i can never be arsed to do anything.


More exercise. It’ll make you more motivated to do other things and give you more energy. Not to mention you’ll feel pretty darn good.

I hope

make lists of everything you need to do. then as your cross things off your list you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and will do more and more.

Amy M

Meditation is a great way to feel relaxed and less stressed. Believe it or not, it does give you a little bit more energy since you’re clearing your mind of everything that’s holding you down.
However, since you’re still feeling a bit lazy, I would try something new. Learn to play an instrument or a sport. Travel to a new place. Try to break away from your everyday routine! Exercise is also good, but if you’re lazy, you probably won’t do that :P.
Just think about something you’ve always wanted to do and are REALLY passionate about, and go do it!


exersising helps alot trust me!


At 48, you are wayyyy over due to change.
Doubt you will.
My mom hates boring, lazy ol guy like you.
Really, I HOPE u DO change..
But why Zen?
Try something that will get your mind going…
Try Kabbalah
They have live classes here:
Don’t be lazy, sign up!


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