have been lazy since I was 16. I have a good potential but I am just plain lazy(to study , to clean etc,,) I want to become a Flash Developer so I would study 1 day then do nothing for 4 days then I have to restart all over again. Lack of motivation? I don’t know a long time ago I was a passionate by chess , would play all day but would refuse to study the new variances in the opening book. I want to change my life with Zen!! I noticed that I dream very deeply since I start Zen Meditation. Can Zen change my life & make me a winner? I am 48 I need to change now!!


  • At 48, you are wayyyy over due to change.
    Doubt you will.
    My mom hates boring, lazy ol guy like you.

    Really, I HOPE u DO change..

    But why Zen?
    Try something that will get your mind going…

    Try Kabbalah

    They have live classes here:

    Don’t be lazy, sign up!


  • Meditation is a great way to feel relaxed and less stressed. Believe it or not, it does give you a little bit more energy since you’re clearing your mind of everything that’s holding you down.

    However, since you’re still feeling a bit lazy, I would try something new. Learn to play an instrument or a sport. Travel to a new place. Try to break away from your everyday routine! Exercise is also good, but if you’re lazy, you probably won’t do that :P.

    Just think about something you’ve always wanted to do and are REALLY passionate about, and go do it!

  • make lists of everything you need to do. then as your cross things off your list you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and will do more and more.

  • More exercise. It’ll make you more motivated to do other things and give you more energy. Not to mention you’ll feel pretty darn good.

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