how can i convince this old hag i work with to retire? she's 69 and horrible to work with.?





it’s making me crazy. why the hell won’t she just keep her dumb, cranky, pissed off self at home rather than make my office miserable?
excuse the rant…i’m fairly ticked off.
she doesn’t need the money, i do the payroll i know. but she does spend alot at the casino. why should we all pay for her miserable cash management problems.
both her children moved far far away because she’s so awful, and her husband has told me he doesn’t want her to retire because then she’d be at home with him all day. ugh.


  1. Sounds like the same problem we have here where I work. She just doesn’t want to go because she is alone that’s all. Is sad to be old and crazy.

  2. YOUR OFFICE??? this is your business????
    Obviously you don’t have a lot of compassion for people who are older ! Karma … remember it WILL come back and haunt you!

  3. You need to go to the supervisor and discuss this problem. Let them know that she is making the office a miserable place to work and have your co-workers do the same. This way, they will be aware that it’s “not just you”.
    Hopefully this woman is not an old family friend of the owner.. or have some other kind of “in” in the company. If that is the case, you will likely just have to avoid her whenever possible, or find another job.

  4. Ignore, ignore, ignore! She sounds lonely and scared! People her age who can’t keep friends and whose family doesn’t want to be around them will seek out people and places that can’t turn away from them so easily, she’s begging for absolutely anyone to be there, but pushing them away before they have the chance to reject her. It’s the whole negative attention is better than no attention at all thing. It sounds dumb, but this way she can think it was because of how she was acting, not because there’s something wrong with her. Very sad, especially in someone who’s so old it would be very difficult for them to change now. Sounds like she wasn’t always this way, though, her husband doesn’t like her now, but he must have at one time, and enough to make babies with her, too! It makes me wonder what happened to start this dysfunctional process for her.
    Anyway, as I said, ignore the behavior and focus on the need. If you refuse to react to the provocation and focus on the issue she’s brought to you, you do your job and take away her reason for acting as she does. If she’s really being inappropriate, that sounds like an HR issue, has anyone reported her? I’m sure there are standards of behavior in your office? If she’s crossed any lines, this needs to be documented and reported for the good of everyone she’s offending.

  5. Maybe she wants something to do to keep her out of the house and that something is working.
    I know that old people can be really annoying sometimes but keep in mind that you will be her age one day and you wouldn’t want people who are much younger than you to treat you or think of you the way you do her.

  6. Some possible reasons why she’s not gone yet:
    Some people are actually scared of retirement.
    They might feel they have no purpose, or they’re not needed anymore if they stop working.
    They’ve let their job define their life.
    They have no life outside the workplace.
    They may feel retirement’s “a death sentence” – that’s what a coworker stated before I retired.
    They actually like the idea of “dressing up” and going to work. Gives them a sense of accomplishment, purpose and boosts their egos.
    Or she could be working until she hits 70 when she’ll get the most out of Social Security…depending on her contributions over the years.
    Or she’s one of those who’ll work until they carry her out (or wheel her out to the ambulance). Refuses to give up her job to let someone else have a chance at it.
    It may be easier said than done-but try to ignore her. She’s miserable. If she had any sense, since she doesn’t need the money, she’d retire, enjoy the fact that now her time’s her own and she could do the things she didn’t have time to do before.
    A coworker retired before I did. He was 55/30 years, full retirement benefits, great to get along with. Couldn’t wait to get out, looked forward to retirement, had plans. Unfortunately, 2 years later he was found dead in his apartment. Cause unknown.
    If one plans for retirement, i.e. develops a hobby outside the workplace while still working, you can turn that hobby into a second career upon retirement. That’s what I did. My job wasn’t my life.
    Good luck

  7. tell her i think you have done your share here and that she needs to settle and give her life a rest since she is not going to live that much longer

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