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How can I control my psychic abilities?

First thing I want to say, if you want to criticize me, be judgmental or take the piss then don’t bother answering because I will report you! Why wouldn’t they take it seriously if there was a category about it?

This week I have been having ‘flashes’ (so to speak) of something that will happen a few second before it does, I also have strong feelings about things or decisions about things that will happen, not major things though.

My question is, how can I control it, how can I get stronger predictions about things hours, days, weeks, months even years before it happens?

I have been mentored a bit about what it means to be claryvoiance but I’m not picking up on those things yet, I believe that I am clairsentient, I have also been told that I have this ability but recently I have been becoming clairaudience, I practiced a bit before and have heard things, it’s not like I hear voices that I can’t control, I only hear them when I really concentrate, like before I fall asleep, when i’m in my bed, sometimes I look for answers and they aren’t always what I want to hear.

I was once obsessed with a guy, but a lot of psychics i got in touch with told me not to get involved with him, one even told me it was because it would mess with my psychic development – I was angry about this, why couldn’t my guides allow me to follow my heart? It was something I wanted more than anything, but I was also fearful of what his reaction or the ultimate outcome would be so I kept away, against my own will, I have been getting more and more over him and the more I do the more sensitive I am becoming to spirituality, but then again the more questions I have.

I know I have an ego about it now, I know it doesn’t work in your favor if I get excited or take too much pride about it because it only works when I don’t care or notice.

I am even sensing the number 3 which probably means that I will get detailed answer which I am satisfied with withing 3 days, i am only guessing, so please don’t hold back until three days to give me an answer because then i will just know.
I have also been drawn to crystals or natural rocks fromthe beach before I even knew why, I have had many unexplainable happenings, I am totally interested in dream interpretation.

The most significant thing abot my belief is that i used to visualide auras around people that I cared about in order to protect them before I even knew what it was or what I was doing!
Desiree, I also have those predictions about wich sipson episode will be on next, but I noticed that it was probably only because they are ususally re-runs that get shown the same day and time every year!
Neutron Solstice, did I ever mention that I believe in aliens? To me, they are in no way associated with spirituality!
And matt, while I was typin this question (obviously taking my time) I was thinking about psychics that I know of who help the police to solve crimes!

Thank you R J for sticking up for me!


  • Truly the best way to control any ability is to discover where this unique talent is taking you, ie law enforcement or finding people who may have been abducted or to find how to solve world questions such as nostradamus or any other clairvoyant. Anything you want to pursue , you will have to accept that you must realize why its there–the interest that has, is it healthy or is it destructive. Once you start honing any skill to benefit others it will blossom. Use your mind to see what this great skill that has been given to is for? Ask the question, how can I find where you want to take me! your inner mind and soul will take you to your destiny! God bless good luck. people laugh at psychics and dont realize many of these rare people help police find abducted people and recover or uncover murders. maybe thats your calling but whatever it is dont lte peoples ideas cheapen your desires!

  • Try wrapping your head with aluminum foil it works for me and on the upside it also helps keep out beamed alien transmissions but remember the shiny sides got to be out

  • You have obvious feelings of unimportance which you over compensate with your imagination. Your just a pile of meat and water. Get over it.

  • I have the psychic ability to predict what Simpson’s episode will be on TV that night. It’s uncanny but unfortunately, I can’t profit from this ability.

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