how can i contact a shaman who can remove curses?

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I live in Mississippi, and I am hoping to find one here, or in surrounding states. And this is not a joke, so please don’t waste my time playing around. Thanks..

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LOL why?


Are there any reservations around your area? Maybe someone there could help you. Bring a gift for them, they usually do not accept regular payment.
Edit: Ms. Taurus is right, at Native Americans healers are not referred to as shamans.


By “shaman” do you really mean “sham man”?


sorry but im ganna play:(, the mmorpg world of warcraft has shamans that you can seek out, but ull half to talk with a mage about the curse tho.


Have you tried the Yellow Pages?

Ms. Taurus

Well, keep one thing in mind…the term “shaman” does not come from Native American people, so leave them out of it.

Emperor P

If a Shaman can do it, so can you. If you believe a spell has been counter-spelled, it has been. If it takes someone else saying it to you for you to believe it, then by all means find a Shaman to perform a ceremony for you, hopefully for a reasonable price.
Hey I just remembered something: William Shatner is a Shaman in World of Warcraft 3. If you can find him in a game server, he might be able to say the magic words for you.


There is no such thing as a curse. Don’t waste your time and money.
But if you insist, send me a check for $200 and I’ll remove the curse for you. Heck, I’ll even take pay-pal.


you don’t need a shaman, you can do it yourself simply by refusing to accept the curse. you also must decide that the person cursing you has no power over you


Maybe you can get a shaman to help you find another shaman.

r u randy

Most wackos are schizophrenic street bums… Check the gutter.


In Mississippi!!?? Maybe on an Indian reservation. But I would take it to Jesus instead. Go talk to a pastor that will listen and pray with you!!!


I would advise you to stay away from a shaman and go straight to God, ask Jesus to remove all curses, hexes vexes, spells, chants, and incantations. He is the only one who has the power to remove those things. Shamans actually cast spells, curses and so forth. If you move in the world of the Shaman you are moving in the world of the evil and a house divided against itself will not stand. So you have to go to the Holy source to clean up, not to the very source that causes the filth. Know your bible and your Savior and you will not have to deal with those kinds of things again.

I Love God and the U.S.A.

Seriously Cynthia! You may find something like this in New Orleans I’ve seen some weird things down there! But honestly you don’t need some voo doo to rid yourself or family of a curse. All you need is Christ Jesus! He said that he has given us power to tread on scorpions! You have the power in Jesus to break this curse! It doesn’t matter how far back in your family that it was rooted! Christ has used me to deliver people who were demon posessed and in need of healing! You need to ask Jesus to deliver you! Drop me a line and my wife and I will help you pray through this! God Bless!


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