Home Discussion Forum How can I connect with the collective consciousness?

How can I connect with the collective consciousness?

and what can I do once I have?
I’ve tried the drugs, and they work fine, for the short time. I want a more permanent thing going on.


  1. First you must be assimilated by the Borg then after that you will follow the orders of the Queen. Remember, resistance is futile!

  2. Go down to a street corner in the nearest big city, buy a joint, light it up, smoke and inhale, then you will connect consciousness, and when you do you can eat tons of White Castle that or vote for Che’ Obama..

  3. Think Durkheim and social solidarity. Try to consume yourself less with capitalist needs of our society as we know it, and more about being ‘one’ with your social environment-thus enabling you to better connect with yourself. Once your there….share the love! Good LUCK!

  4. In all honesty, if you’re really interested in this sort of thing then I suggest you read up on entheogens. Certain substances, some of which are legal and some that aren’t, definitely produce this effect, of connecting with the god-head, becoming one with all, or as you put it, tapping into the collective consciousness.
    Check out Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, Morning Glory seeds, Amanita Muscaria, and the several different cacti that contain mescaline (Peyote, T. Peruvianus, and San Pedro). All of the above are legal to purchase (but usually not to consume, shh), and have been traditionally used by natives across the globe for the very curiosity that led you to ask your question.
    I’m sort of beginning this journey as well, and although I haven’t yet had such an experience yet, I’m also wondering what I will learn or realize once I do. From what I’ve heard from people who have had this type of experience, it’s life-changing in the sense that it gives you a universal perspective. It allows you to realize the meaninglessness of the material obsessions within our society today, and to acknowledge the ultimate importance of peace and understanding between everyone with whom we share our planet and our very essence of being.

  5. There are any number of methods…knowing how to use them is the crucial aspect. Remote viewing is one way, a psychic process where the remote viewer receives impressions and images from a location, unrestricted by time and space. One well-accepted notion of why this process actually works hinges on the belief that there is a vast store house of recorded information that is accessable when one is in a very particular altered state. More recently as the Akashic Records or Library, the Bible refers to this place as the “Book of Life”, where it is said that every thought, word and deed is recorded. Many experienced remote viewers also refer to this as the Collective Unconscious…and the information they are able to gather is not of the actual person or event – in real time – but rather a type of blueprint of it. Some years ago, I came across a site called Greater Reality which offered a quick, crash course on how to remote view and then supplied instructions on how to use the targets. Finding out that I could do that – admittedly not well – went a very long way to feeling empowered and led to exploration of other related methods like servitor magic and working with my guides. I’ve included the link below.
    One other suggestion that I would make.. if you really want to experience some incredible energy, generated globally, by thousands of people at exactly the same time, there are numerous organizations online that are very easy to join. I’ve been a member of the Celestine Vision Prayer Group for a litle while, as an example. Run by best-selling author James Redfield and his wife, we “meet” every two weeks at their site and spend one hour in directed prayer and energy transference, usually aimed at a recent area of unrest or trouble.
    You can believe or disbelieve, but a few years ago, I participated in my first worldwide meditation circle. Our intent was to spend the hour in meditation, at exactly the same time globally, to send healing energy into the earth. For some years, I’ve had psiatica and the pain could be counted on to appear with the regularity of a Swiss clock. The following morning I awoke to no pain or even stiffness and it lasted for almost two whole weeks…strangely enough, when it did return with much less intensity, I had begun developing a sudden interest in energy healing.
    In my opinion, being involved in a global effort will allow you to tap into a specific part of the collective unconscious…and experience it.


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