How can I clear out negative energy from myself?

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I have noticed that as I have gotten older I have taken on alot of negative attitudes and I feel that other people can sense my negative energy. I would like some help to try to be a happier and more positive person.

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Pope Gopher 999

I have spoken with psychic healers who say shake off the negative energy like cobwebs. Give it a try. It’s worth a shot. It sure wouldn’t hurt any.


Work out. Nothing makes you feel good like working out 3-5 times a week.




please watch the movie Secret.

Laa Laa

That’s a very good goal. It’s one of mine, too. One thing you can do is get some aerobic exercise. It can just put you in a happier frame of mind, especially if you find an exercise that you really like to do.
Another thing you can try is visualization and affirmations. You just sit down, close your eyes, do some deep breathing, then picture yourself being the way you’d like to be. Also, say some really positive things to yourself, such as “I am a happy, positive person,” while picturing yourself being that way.


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