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How can I cleanse my room and body from negative energies, does "salt" help?


  1. Negative energy can come from negative people or experiences. This energy can accumulate over time and affect the atmosphere of a room. Cleansing a room of negative energy is a fulfilling activity that can make a room and the person doing the cleansing feel lighter. All that is required is clear intention, which can be obtained through simple meditation.
    Create a clear intention for the outcome of neutralizing the energy in the room, and write it on a piece of paper. Focus on how you want to feel in the room when the cleansing is complete. Choose words that feel energizing to you. For example, you might write “I intend to fill the room with energy that is balanced and freely moving” or “clean and full of positive energy.”
    After assuring you will be uninterrupted, find a relaxing position in the room and hold your written intention in your hands. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath by focusing on the sensation of inhaling and exhaling. Continue focusing on your breath and bring your attention into your body, noticing how it feels to be positioned the way you are, and move to make yourself more comfortable if needed. Allow yourself to relax while breathing consciously throughout the room cleansing.
    Energize your body by feeling the life energy in different parts of your body, starting with you hands. Focus your attention on your hands and concentrate on feeling the life energy. You may notice tingling, warmth, coolness, or other sensations. Move your attention to feel the energy in your arms, neck, head, chest, torso, abdomen, legs, and feet. As you feel the energy inside of you, notice how peaceful and alive you feel.
    Imagine your breath coming in as pure, white light from the Source of Life. Allow the light to fill the room while you exhale and focus on the intention for the room cleansing. Pay attention to any sensations of warmth, coolness, or visual images or colors that come up as you cleanse the energy of the room and enjoy the experience. Feel the energy inside of your body brightening and flowing out to cleanse and fill all corners of the room and its contents. Notice a renewed feeling of aliveness in yourself and the room with each breath you take. Continue this part of the meditation for as long you feel it is necessary to cleanse yourself and the room.
    When you feel complete, take a moment to sit in the cleansing energy. Express your appreciation and enjoy the balanced energy of the room. Repeat the meditation whenever you are feeling low in energy or notice stagnant energy in your living or work space.

  2. sit in meditation in the room … go on thinking that light rays going out of your body and filling the entire room…but dont develop hate against the negative energies or spirits… treat them with all love..better if you can mix love in the light rays that are going out from yu..it is better if you keep cold wet cloth around neck or on head …cold water creates magnetism in you………kumrao99@yahoo.co.in

  3. this probably isnt what you are looking for, but why don’t you try redecorating? it might sound really weird, but i know it worked for me! for some reason it just made me feel happy x

  4. Not that I believe in negative energy, but if you are feeling down I recommend eating healthier, enjoying a favorite hobby, talking with a loved one, having fun outside with some activity, or if it’s worst than that a therapist of some sort may be able to help.

  5. There’s no such thing as ‘negative energy’. Therefore you can’t cleanse something that doesn’t exist!
    Seriously, forget about this and get on with your life.

  6. The idea of negative energy is an emotional one, not a scientific one. Energy is a measurement – you know: E = mc2.
    Redecorate, have a spring clean, find a new hobby or sport, but most of all, change your reading material.

  7. After reading the replies left I feel obligated to say that the “energies” you all believe she/he is speaking of do not exist as a force of scientific nature so much as a vibration of life. Existence in the smallest form is all vibration and that which comes from the smallest atom is a vibration. However so termed “good” or “positive” energy is a set of vibrations which can relax, calm and even enlighten the mind and body of one surrounded by it. “Bad” or “negative” energy is essentially sets of vibrations coming from life surrounding ones body which cause a set of unease, sadness/ depression or even anger and uncomfort. Hope you enjoy your cleansing!


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