How can I block negative energy from interfering with my manifestations?

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The negativity comes from my spouse who is not intentionally blocking, but who tends to be fearful and a worrier. This info regarding her blocking was provided by a close friend who is psychic

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Eat a LOT of corn.
It will help. You will see.


Couldn’t your psychic friend give you some pointers?
what is it exactly you are trying to manifest?


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Maddy girl

Begin by addressing the fact that you are a spiritual entity with nothing but neutral and positive energy. When negative energy is directed toward you make yourself like a sieve or funnel. Say to yourself “I do not accept it”. Visualize clean clear water running through a sieve. You have purified and neutralized the energy sent to you and it cannot harm you.


lot of it about…I have my partner, father, siblings and a few friends all intentionally blocking me…they don’t want their scape-goat to ever spread her wings…terrifies them when they are around someone that expresses the light…


Aura cleansing and letting go of other peoples stuff.
Verbal Remedies work by enacting your creative visualization.


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