How can I bind a spirit to an object by using magick?

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i have bounded a spirit to myself
its a powerful and evil one
i thought i would be able to suppress its power and use it for my own greedy needs but i don’t know if i can sustain its power any longer, it will take full control of my body soon


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit , may this demons be held captive in its own web of demise. with the power of mental strength may the chains burn it’s hands. These chains shall never rust nor be destroyed by the powers of prince of darkness for in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we forbid thee to take control over this here human.


Did you get rid of him? There is a book: Spirit possession by Sue Allen.


You cold try the soul separation technique. It’s 100% harmless.
Take an object that is able to hold water (preferably holy water), and feel the energy of the water (cleansing power) going up through your hands and spreading throughout your entire body. Once the power is in every part of your body say, “I separate every soul that is attached to me. Soul Separation!”
You will feel different through your entire body. I wish you the best of luck.


You cannot do this.
First of all, objects do not have spirits. Second, there is no such thing as magic. Finally, even if magic were real, there is no “K” in that word.
Please stop believing all the children’s books you read. There is a whole interesting world out there if you stop fooling around with mythology and pay attention to it!


and by the way…. there is a K in Magic(K) if you study Aleister Crowley,….. so again don’t stick you nose in shit you have nothing to do with


Nate my friend ……, go read your bible a few more times and leave the serious stuff for the big boys.
No one asked your opinion !!!!!….. if you can answer the question, if you can’t then don’t.


Everyone who messed with this was always sorry. You do not want the energy around you trust me. I know you think you want to experience this but you’ll be sorry.

Crystal clear

If you’re studying to be Wiccan, why would you want to do this? Leave the spirits of the dead to rest…if they are at unrest, help them to move on to where they belong. What you’re talking about would be akin to me chaining you to a tree in the middle of the woods and leaving you there, not allowing you to go home to where you belong.
An it harm none, do what ye will.


You would never be able to do such a thing, you are too young and inexperienced for a start, apart from which, magic does not exist, Harry Potter is just a film.

Adrian G

Keep your propaganda to yourself, magic is real it’s not just in movies, the same kind of people that don’t believe in magic used to put US WITCHES/WIZARDS to death, magic is a natural science practiced LONG before the doubters of the 20th and 21st Century!
PS for the poster of this post, use your mind to bend the energies to bind the spirit, it’s really quite that simple.

Maggie W.

Keep them charged and at peek performance by setting them in the full moon over night –
you can also set them in moon light in between full moons to help keep them charged OR set their vessel by a lit candle for several hours to re charge them.
Below is a free download of some Kundalini Meditation technique to aid you
in you Bonding.
PS. This method is best used to call upon your personal deity, a method to bring them into the physical world. Not to put a proverbial genie in a bottle.


whats is the best kind of spirit for a companion


I used to read into a lot of witchcraft and I can’t tell yout the exact specifics of it all but I do know that you would need the usual – white candles, for white magyck – blah blah but you should check out the book A Witch’s Notebook by Silver Ravenwolf(penname) It’s lessons in witchcraft mostly refering to techniques using natural things, and it has a lot of information of Paegan magychk and hoodoo and things like that. Wish ya luck…i guess.


focused will and vivid imagination


i have had an evil spirit following me for the past 5 years, i have lived in 3 different states and its still with me. i would also like to know how to bind a spirit to an object. and doing so will make it easier to banish… this spirit is not some simple ghost who wants to be left at rest it is a demon who has been making me miserable, ive asked it and told it to leave me alone. id like to be the one at rest for a change


I have been doing this since I was little even though then I didn’t know that I was doing it. I wasn’t sure how I did it at first or what it was but then I realized that our family is full of people with psychic abilities and I just had to learn what I wa doing. The first time you do this will only put it in the object but unless you learn controll the demon will learn to controll and move this object so after you do this burn what you trap it in. Take something like a teddy bear or something that has eyes that are life like( not a human like doll!) play with it as if you are really attached to this object. The demon will take interest because it wants to hurt you it will willingly go into the object. One day you will look in the eyes and it will feel really off like it doesn’t belong or shouldn’t be there it will almost seem dark. When you get that feeling you have to break your bond with this object. Because it is in the object when you break the bond it will not be able to leave. ( the easiest way to break a bond is to treat it with hatred throw it, drop it, make it face the corner, force it to turn away from you and don’t look in it’s eyes… The eyes are the portals to the soul of an object) after you feel the bond is broken burn it!


I and my friend managed to bind a spirit to a bottle of saltwater, we used a circle, in which we placed the bottle, then we used runes, one to pull the spirit into the circle, then one to force it into the fluid. The only bad thing was that it was an innocent spirit, it still is in my friends house.


i have a problem with a spirit that has hurt my son i need to now how to bind it we have tryed to banish it but it keeps coming back can you tell me what your friend used


For you closed minded people, you are not trapping the spirit or chaining him to anything. The spirit is your friend…your guide. You speak to your friends but they have their own live, yes? Same with your spirit friend. The vessel is their home. Not their prison. They may come and go as they please.


If you do not believe why look it up in the first place I personally am looking for a way to banish or trap a mischievous demon who has been bothering me. And honestly anyone looking for answers look into one of the many books on such topics because more often than not these methods don’t work. Magic can be spelled many different ways and any comments about Harry potter are somewhat correct in the fact of flying brooms and magical creatures(although some are real) but spirits enchants, incantations and various runes and symbols are real. Please remember that what ever religion you believe in magic is involved


Or take what i call the path to power trap the souls or soul into a vessel and harness the energy from the spirit or demon or demons or spirits trapped inside


Use the power harnessed from the trapped demons or spirits to become powerful and claim your right to become a god don’t let anyone deny it for they are deluded weaklings


i have been wondering if a pegan spirit would be a good means of hurtful magic because im fighting this wierd kid in school who asked me if i was having bad luck after my dog was killed by 6 snakes.

Lois McGinn

You should reconsider. This time in life is too short and meaningless to attract the amountbad karma this would bring.


My grandma gave me a special bracelet…. Its special because my grandma is very special to me and engraved in it asks god to protect her grandson(me) I’m trying to summon my guardian…and and my weapon in my soul. I’m trying to get it to materialize but its hard. Idk what to do exactly it sounds kinda crazy but I just need some help I’m not looking for random spirits,demons,or angels I’m looking to summon my guardian and my weapon and I believe that In some way they are both connected to my bracelet

J. Prentice

I believe you should cleanse the bracelet in salt water and try again. Energy from the past is interfering.


can i and then, how do i trap a demon in a mask

Johnny Blaze

How does one, hypothetically go about sealing one’s own soul in an object so one could live forever? If impossible, any other suggestions for physical immortality?


in theory, although your current body would eventually die if someone else put it on you could take over theirs.


Hi. Just wondering how to transfer a spirit into an object of my choosing. It’s important to me.


I want to bind my girlfriends soul to her engagement ring how do I do this?


I want to play my game of pokemon ultra moon IRL but I need to do a SOUL transfer first. Please help


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