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How can I better myself with Yoga?

I use to do Yoga for two years but left a year ago. I just got back into it and attended a class today. I was having an extremely difficult time concentrating. How can I not get bored and block other thoughts? I’ve done this before and all of a sudden it seems hard and boring. I wanna continue with this and better myself with Yoga. Any tips?


  1. All yogic exercises should be performed on a clean mat, a carpet or a blanket covered with a cotton sheet. Clothing should be light and loose fitting to allow free movement of the limbs. The mind should be kept off all disturbances and tensions. Regularity and punctuality in practicising yogic exercises is essential. Generally, 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. is the ideal time for yoga practices.
    Hope this helps, Good Luck.

  2. Hi there, are you in Australia now? As for your question, I think it would help to find a mantra to chat to yourself during yoga……this would block out any other thoughts……just find a mantra that suits you……hope you are well ?

  3. maybe u should try different exercises and then u will appriciate yoga cause its the best exericise then the rest! do pilates and then go back to yoga see the difference!


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