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How can I best un-program my internal religious taboos?

I was raised by fanatical non-denominational “Christians”. I do not believe in any religion per se, and feel most religions are just facilities mainly used for financial gain or political power or population control instead of what it was intended for originally in the past.
I am forming my own beliefs based on the many accepted basics I feel are the foundations of almost all religions but find myself still fighting the stupid “paranoid” thoughts that were drilled into me as a child based on my parents beliefs. I try to meditate and relax and I think of the pre-programmed comments of how I should pray and meditation is ungodly and such. I know it is all BS, but these thoughts still enter the mind.
I have recently gone through past life hypnotic regressions, met my spirit guide, etc. I know these experiences were real, however my “programmed” response was not to accept it or think of it as evil based on beliefs pounded in me at an early age.
How can I unprogram?


  1. You have to learn to trust your own mind’s ability to recognize truth. If you have really forsaken previous beliefs in favor of something else – you will not have any residual guilt. Maybe you are not ready to give up everything you were taught as a child – find a way they can peacefully exist together.

  2. keeping talking with your spiritual/religious mentor you will be able to surpress those thoughts. It has taken me over a year to stop myself from having those thoughts/feelings automatically… I still have them once in a while but at now I can tell right away and redirect my thoughts.

  3. That’s a tough one buddy. Tough because everyone works differently. You can make it make sense in your head but sometimes your heart will regress back to how you were raised.
    What i did: meditate, look beneath, try to find why you would revert back to it and have a taboo. Face your fears and understand them, that was the key with me. I would pursue thoughts and actions and read books regarded as “evil” with as much of an open mind as i could muster. Religion is typically hard coded into brains at a very impressionable, formative age. It will be tough. Keep in mind that any philosophy that would scare a child into believing something for its own propagation is intrinsically flawed.
    Oh and beware of the fulcrum effect. If you go to far one way then release, the natural response would be to have a hard swing in the opposite direction. Do not hate the philosophy or the people who beat it into your brain because you’ll be no better than they were. Acceptance is the high, hard road to travel.

  4. Continue studying how your actual values are not dependent on the fears drilled into you as a child. Talk with others, either who have been through similar experiences, or perhaps even better a professional counselor; the very need to explain things to one might help you have new understanding and freedom from the fears you were supposed to keep deep and hidden inside. The light of your awareness and rational mind can free you, to be a stronger, more responsible person.


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