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How can I begin lucid dreaming?

I have recently been very interested in dreams, especially lucid dreaming. I have never had a lucid dream and I was wondering what I could do to help induce one.


  1. These are really easy steps to Lucid Dreaming:
    Step 1 – During the day ask yourself “Am I dreamin” and have reality checks
    Step 2 – Keep a dream journal, write your dream immediatly from waking up
    Step 3 – Learn best time to have lucid dreams; be aware of your personal sleep schedule, maybe napping a few hours after
    Step 4 – Waking yourself up while you are sleeping (using alarm clock) and then try to remeber if you were dreaming, and if you remeber go back to sleep and imagine yourself in the setting of the previous dream

  2. Try jumping into the air a few times a day when nobody is around. Do this daily. After three to four weeks, if you’ve been consistent, you’ll have a dream where you jump into the air. But in dreams, we don’t just drop back to the ground, we float back down. Then you’ll know you’re in a dream.

  3. The most effective way I have found is the practice of GMS (iMasterMemory.com) which is a visualization based mnemonic method. You do not need to buy the course, you can use the information from the free eBook to create your own exercises. Use it to memorize a deck of cards and then lay in bed trying to recall it. Or you can memorize useful stuff and try to recall it, doesn’t matter.
    The other thing that I also found to be very effective is a meditation based on the Quantum Touch healing method. Lay in bed, imagining sensations (as if someone was stroking you) moving from your toes to the crown of your head as you inhale (take about 6 seconds on the inhale) and then imagine that “energy” moving into your hands or other area of your body in the exhale (for another 6 seconds).
    Do both these things and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have frequent lucid dreams. The standard methods you’ll find online are nowhere near as effective as these two.

  4. Lucid Dreaming is dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. This fascinating state of consciousness allows you to control your dreams and experience anything imaginable, from the sublime to the impossible. Lucid Dreaming is not the same as dream control. It is possible to be lucid and have little control over dream content, and conversely, to have a great deal of control without being explicitly aware that you are dreaming. However, becoming lucid in a dream is likely to increase the extent to which you can deliberately influence the course of events.


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