How can I become a witch(I'm serious)please only people that are into this?

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Okay I love witches and wizard movies, I really want to be one, I’m 15 i’ll be 16 in 2 months so can someone please help me. I am very serious about this.

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become a wiccan

Allie grace

hehehehehe, I’ve thought this too.. (shh!) I cried when I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter *sniff
if you ever find the answer let me know!
and that’s so weird! I’m going to be 16 in two months two! my birthday is oct. the 5th 🙂


Go to Hogwarts


if you only get people who believe in this than you wont get any unbiased opinions. the fact is, that if any of this stuff acctually existed, we as humans would have started exploiting it years ago, I know it sound exiting and dangerous and romantic but that is no reason to suspend logic and common sense


Read some books on the Wiccan and Pagan religions.


Read the book “He came to set the captives free” She was a witch and did all those things witches do.

Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic

well witchcraft… is a diverse sort of thing. there are many ways a person can be defined as a witch, or can do magic… you’ll have to look into what is the right one for you. are you looking for a religion? or do you just want to cast spells? that’s a big factor there. people say “become a wiccan,” but if you’re not religious, there’s no point.

John Flerianos

I want to be robocop but I’ve come to realise that there’s a difference between what you want and what is true


There are plenty of books on this, some of them good, some of them New Age crap. I’d start with an old one called ‘Drawing Down the Moon’. This a serious book about Wicca.

Smell this !

…let me see if I can find my ex-wife’s phone number (she would surly qualify)…I’ll post it as soon as I find it ! (she definitely was a “witch” !)
…seriously !

Scarlet MacBlu

If it’s movies you want to be a part of, then stretching your acting skills will be useful. Join a drama club at your school, try out for local productions, read Shakespeare, work through scripts in private, watch a lot of movies and study the facial movements of the actors and think about what made them choose to act they way they did. Once you become a good actor, you might get cast as a witch or wizard in a film.
If you are interested in special effects, “Light and Magic” for films, then science will be a better route. Talk to your science teachers and see if they have any recommendations for how you can get involved in creating special effects for films.
If you want to become a witch like is depicted on TV and movies, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Magick and witchcraft does not work in reality the way it’s depicted on TV and movies. It is possible to become a real life witch, but you’ll be dissapointed if you expect it to look or feel like how hollywood portrays it.
Witchcraft is a skill that takes time and effort to learn and a leap of faith to follow. In your search, you’ll probably hear a lot about the religion of Wicca, but know that Wicca is not the only form of witchcraft in the world. Witchcraft is a craft, not a religion. I usually recommend the podcast “A Witches Primer” to people interested in learning about witchcraft, since it offers one method of learning one type of non-denominational witchcraft and Ariel, the host, is one smart cookie.


Real Witchcraft is ***absolutely nothing*** like it is in the movies.
It is subtle, rooted in nature and psychology. It is not a “super power.”
It a


The portrayal of Witches in movies is EXTREMELY poor. They do not represent the true nature of what Witches do (which is why you get idiots on here claiming that they think people who practice Witchcraft think they are like what’s shown in movies and this is SOOOOO not true! Go to the true source if you’re curious, not ones who know absolutely nothing about it). No Witch hurls fireballs or lightning bolts, brews concoctions in giant cauldrons with odd, disgusting ingredients, nor are they bent on gaining power or creating evil.
Witches work to better themselves and aid those around them. They do cast spells of protection, healing and help, but no spell results in instant materialization of anything. No spell can do anything that is against the laws of the universe, which includes drastic changes to one’s physical appearance (instant weight loss, changing hair/eye color, transforming into animals, etc.), gaining large amounts of money, instant healing of severe or even deadly illnesses or diseases, etc.
Even us Witches must adhere to the lowly laws of nature. The forces of our own will can only do so much, but the rest of the work we must do ourselves if we wish to create the changes we want. We can’t sit back and expect all of our desires to be met while we sit back and do no work at all. That’s just lazy and not what Witchcraft is about or for.
Here are some common misconceptions about Witches and the clarification of them:
If you’re truly interested in becoming a Witch, try these steps, they may help you:


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who would it be , when you started sticking the pins in

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