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How can I become a White Witch or Eclectic Witch, and open up circles, and cast spells?

I was just researching, and wanted to know if their was anyone out there who could really show me how to start. I want to be able to see spirits in other dimensions and be one with the Earth, Sea, Wind and Fire. I can’t find a religion to grasp, so I would love to join something where I can actually see the effects, and other dimensions! Thank-you to anyone who can help


  1. As something of a prescient, I can foresee the following: You will spend an inordinate amount of time and effort pursuing some kind of direct experience with the supernatural, and it will all be to no avail. By the time you’re in you’re mid to late 20’s, you will realize that none of this stuff actually exists or works or has any effects whatsoever, and that you have in fact wasted all that time and effort when you could instead have been out there trying to get laid, and possibly succeeding.

  2. You can’t. Magic is not about visual effects (those would violate the laws of nature anyway). Magic is subtle. It’s the use of Energy in conformity with Will.
    White Witch: non-existent. Magic is not colour-coded.
    Eclectic Witch: one who blends portions and ways and methods from various systems into the amagalmatation of a new path.
    You can’t see other dimensions save for visions in dreams and such.

  3. What you are looking for is largely what comes from ficttion & legend.
    “White” and “Black” Witchcraft is a misnomer… magic has no color, has no alignment, it is simply neutral energy. All magic works based on the same principles.
    If you want to practice Witchcraft, let go of expectations and begin research and meditating to discipline your mind. No one can show you anything until you do those things.

  4. Read and study witchcraft/magick to see the “how and why” of it.
    Alot depends on what you are looking for.
    Seeing spirits in other dimensions may be possible through dreams or astral projection, but don’t confuse these things with movie stuff.
    you may email me if you want to know more.

  5. You have very unreal expectations about witchcraft and magical work. As the posters above me already said. magic is very subtle, it’s intuition on one hand, you have to learn how to feel very slight variations in the energy that surrounds you – on the other hand, there’s a LOT of hard work and study. You can’t “see” spirits and other dimensions. After years of learning, if you’re good, you may learn to recognise the subtle feeling, more like a suspicion, when they’re nearby.
    If you’re serious in your studies, I suggest you try Wicca:
    read “Wicca : A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott CUNNINGHAM. This is a book that shows you how to start.
    STAY AWAY from Silver Ravenwolf and similar fluffy crap.

  6. Hi. without giving a lenghty answer i’ll just give you the link to my website.. It’s not been updated in a while but hopefully it will be helpful and there are some books listed on the resource page that should be helpful too 🙂

  7. interesting..this morning i answered your other question, where perhaps you where a little more realistic on your expectations. Anyway..lets not run before we can walk, there where some very sensible responses to that previous question, go back and look again. And Witchcraft is not really something you ‘join’ as such, it is not a club. You either ‘grasp’ it as you yourself have said, or you don’t. I dont really think it wise to apply labels such as ‘white’ or ‘black’ to this either. Wishing you well with it.


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