How can I become a Reiki therapist?

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I live in the UK and want to know how to become a reiki therapist what sort of courses do I have to do and could you give me any info about it.
Much appreciated thankyoux

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Nicole R

You would have to find a reiki master in your area and take classes from them. The only way to learn is to be taught by somebody who has taken all the courses themselves and is certified to teach it. I don’t know how common it is in the UK so just search around on online.


First you have to abandon reality
Can you do that?

William T

You don’t have to learn anything. It’s just a scam that the “masters” make up as they go along.


Im sure Reiki person here is very interested in all your wonderful opinions about the nature of reiki. Thank you first poster for answering his/her question. To the rest, soapbox? No one but me cares

sarah Brett

If you google Reiki and the county you live in it should come up with a list of Masters , have a read through, contact a few and ask if you can go along to some of their Reiki shares , these are meetings where (usually for a donation to cover hall rental) people can get together find out more and experience Reiki for themselves.
Most Reiki masters like myself want you to feel comfortable and are usually only too pleased to meet, chat and let you meet past students before taking your money.


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