Home Discussion Forum How can I become a Christian Buddha ?

How can I become a Christian Buddha ?

Is it possible ?
If it is, how can I achieve Enlightenment and still believe in Jesus Christ ?


  1. Gain about 300 pounds. “Buddha” is a general term for an Asian fat guy, but can be used to describe obese people who philosophize in general. (Nothing racist intended, just a modern definition).

  2. that is an oxymoron… you can be Buddhist and believe in jesus…. just not any god that he would be connected to…. so… yea…. doesn’t work… sorry 🙂

  3. The Christians won’t have you in their clan it is either all or nothing at all with them. To them they probably think the buddha is a false prophet lol

  4. Well you can if you wish but you would need to understand Each path leads to different destinations and as you will be aware we can’t be in two places at once
    Didn’t your Lord Jesus say it is unwise to follow two Masters ? I would agree with Him
    Be an Enlightened Christian Your Lord Jesus will show you the way If you ask


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