How can I become a Bad Man?

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Yes, I’m ready to shed my woosie good boy image and become bad. And no, I don’t mean bad as in bad a**, I mean really bad. I want to become the worst human being alive, worse even than Rush Limbau. How can I acheive my goal, because I want everyone to lick my boots and stoop down to me where ever I go, like I were Aleister Crowley or something. Somebody has to have some sort of experience with this. Yes, I’ve seen rebel without a cause and all of those James Dean movies, and yes I’ve even seen Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, and I have even tried to be more like Elvis, but it made me look like a fool and all. I want to be more like Friedrich Nietzsche bad, or like Jason or Freddy Kruger bad. Can anyone help me and give me suggestions on how to become the sort of BAD that I want to be? I am asking for films, strategies, organizations, and churches to be part of. Surely somebody out there is that bad, and I want to know who it is. Please Help.
Will becoming a religious fundamentalist help me in my goal. I am a fully licensed beautician with my own hair salon, and I don’t take cr*p.

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Youre already baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad my man if youre thinking that way.
Welcome to the club, we are bad assssssssses.
My organization is made of baaaaaaaaaaad ass people, but we also fight common causes like we fight cancer.
Since we are baaaaaaaaaaaad and can’t find cancer to fight, we just kick the shit out of someone who has terminal cancer cuz we are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.


you are off to a good start I think. 😀


oh mine, with this thinking you are already more
than the bad you are talking about! just consider yourself bad and i bet you, you will be more than one.
Lord have mercy!!!!


With a bad attitude comes responsibility and consequences.


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