how can i be okay with the idea of reincarnation?

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the idea of reincarnation is what i believe may happen after death, but i am afraid of all the things i won’t remember (loved ones, people i care about) it just scares me knowing that one day the man i love won’t be in my life. is there anyway i could be less afraid of reincarnation?

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Deep Depression

don’t think about it too much- in the end the only moment that matters is the present (you don’t need to know about reincarnatino or believe in it)…
personally- i would only believe things that speak to me personally- and if something is based on fear or makes me scared i won’t trust it unless i can know that it is good


I know. I felt like you did at one time.
Until I learned from the writings of Dilgo Rinpoche
that we have all taken rebirth so many times that every being without exception has been our parents at one time or another. You have felt this way before, with your past parents, friends, lovers, etc. But as long as we are still in samsara we will meet again.


Hello Riley
Within Reincarnation we tend to be reborn into spiritual families, so your mum may have been your brother in a previous life. etc
If Reincarnation is a spiritual fact then you have already lived many lives, yet you feel no pain for not remembering the link you had to those you shared any other those lives with, so you will not next time.
In between lives your spiritual self is far wiser than your incarnated self is, so does not dwell on such matters.


What do you think is going to get reincarnated? Your brain? I have a funny feeling that science will tell you that your brain dies when you die. This “soul” which people speak of but have never proved, also hasn’t been proven to be the place where your thoughts and identity are stored. Those are stored in your brain, and your brain is getting buried in the ground with the rest of your dead body when you die.
Reincarnation is an Eastern religion’s version of the “golden rule”, mixed with a little bit of “heaven”. It’s all the same concept: live a good life so that nothing bad will happen to you after you die. Really, nothing has been proven about what happens after you die; but we do know that your brain is going to die. Your brain is what loves your “man”, not some nonsense “soul”. Once your brain stops functioning, it won’t care about your man, or your loved ones, or you. Reincarnation is a pretty selfish concept. You want your man, you want your loved ones, etc.
Reincarnation isn’t real. And if it was, it still wouldn’t care how much your old brain wants its possessions, or to feel love. Plus, how annoying would that be? You get to take on a whole new life, but you’re stuck with the baggage of this one? What if your dog got reincarnated as a person? It would suck if that person wanted to eat old bones and dig in the dirt for fun.


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