How can I be less irritable? I'm so annoyed all the time?

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I’m almost 19 weeks pregnant with my third child. I am quite hormonal, and also suffer from bad mood swings.
I’m so sick of snapping at everyone! I know I’m doing it and I can’t help it, then I end up crying my eyes out because I feel so awful about it. I keep trying to tell myself not to but it just doesn’t work.
How can I stop myself being so mean???

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Make sure that you are hydrated and are not hungry.
After that, I would recommend pausing now and then, taking a few deep breathes, counting in your head, maybe even a bit of meditation.
I used to breathe in, count to 10, breathe out, count to 10 – doing this a few times used to help me a lot.
Best wishes!


I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completely understand where your coming from. Its such an awful feeling. I too am constantly snapping and then crying about it. It feels sometimes like Im posessed!!
The only way that ive been able to change it a little bit is to make sure i have enough time to myself to relax. I have spoken to my partner that i need to keep my stress levels to a minimum and that i will need his help with that. If we start to argue, he takes himself out of the house for a walk or a drive to calm down instead of arguing back at me. It really works and by the time he comes back my hormones have settled and I apologise, but no real harm is done!

Ker M

im glad its not just me that feels like this! im 31 weeks and have been feeling the same since about 14 weeks. its so annoying, i have no idea how to stop it, i think you just got to go with it. when i feel like that i think in half an hour youll feel different ( i always do ) so i try to keep quite and let it pass, but it is hard especially with a two year ol who doesnt really understand.


Take some relaxing classes like mommy yoga or even mommy swim classes and there is always the spa. When you are about to pop just think how does this affect me. It took me a while to stop poping off to my fiance. Good luck


am only 12 weeks and everything is annoying me! but i just stop and think for a min to calm myself down haha!


Well you got the right intentions by knowing that it is Hormones! But before you snap~ Think before you speak.. Tell yourself over and over again that it’s just hormones, BREATHE, take a deep breathe and then collect your words and speak…This will only help part of the time….Everyone has those days when they just feel soo much choas all around them (prego or no prego). It’s just life. But I do believe you could use breathing techniques to handle the smaller things. Also if it doesn’t make you sick, try lighting soft scented candles that relax you…or ask your partner to rub your back or high tension area’s on your body. (Without it leading to sex! UNLESS you are feeling in the mood, but I didn’t when I was pregnant with either one of my kids) For me I know that when my house is messy I get more stressed out too. So if the house is a little out of order get a crew to help pick things up…or if you are feeling up to it try taking some time out of the day and tackle on chore at a time. If that doesn’t really do anything to help try to verbalize EVERY emotion you’re feeling. If you feel yourself getting tense say it! “Im getting stressed, give me a second” “Youre annoying me right now please stop” or “I’ve had a very long day and im not feeling good, please stop” and if they keep pushing your buttons then I say Fire Away~ lol. If it doesn’t help talk to your OB or mid-wife and see what they suggest too. But good luck and Congrats!


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