How can I be a witch or warlock or a Wizard?





I really want to be a witch I want to expierience how they do


  1. There is some good advice here about witches and warlocks. Be a witch if you want to and can do the study. I really don’t think you want to be a warlock. You would not be trusted by the witch community and would probably be shunned.
    You can also be a wizard but that takes more formal training. I am really surprised that there is so much misunderstanding about wizardry. Wizardry is alive and well. Has nobody heard of the Grey Council?
    The Grey Council has been around for centuries. You may be surprised at some of the names on it’s membership rolls. Some of our favorite modern authors consider themselves wizards and are members of the Grey Council.
    They include:
    Raymond Buckland
    Abby Willowroot
    Raven Grimassi
    Ellen Evert Hopman
    Luc Sala
    Donald Michael Kraig
    Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
    Amber K
    Trish Telesco
    Jeff McBride
    Ian Anderson
    Jesse Wolf Hardin
    Past Members Include:
    Gerald Gardner (1884-1964)
    Gwydion Pendderwen (1946-1982)
    Stewart Farrar (1916-2000)
    Victor Anderson
    Scott Cunningham (1956-1993)
    Eliphas Levi (1810-1875)
    Charles Leland (?-1903)
    A. E. Waite (1857-1947)
    Aleisler Crowley (1875-1947)
    There are many others. Most of these folks are simply known for their involvement with the Occult. Their association with the Grey Council of Wizards is lesser known but no less valid. Do some research.
    Google these folks or look them up on Wiki. See what they are about.

  2. Let’s start with the “witch, warlock or wizard” part. Witches are witches male or female. Warlock is a derogatory term used for male or female witches or practitioners of The Craft to describe those who have gone against the rules of witchcraft. Wizards well for the most part that just falls under the movie hype of Harry Potter and such. Not that I’m not a fan of Harry Potter…it’s just not a term used in The Craft.
    Now on to the “How can I be” part…for those who are a “witch” by bloodlines the how to is past down. For those who are not part of bloodline…you have to research AND study! There is so MUCH MORE to “being a witch” that it is impossible to summarize it in an arena such as this. It isn’t something that happens overnight and it isn’t something that you can just wake up one and decide. Being a “witch” is a way of life.
    If it is something you are VERY serious about start with the New Age section of your local bookstore or library and pick up a book or two and read about it. Check out any local Pagan shops they are easy enough to find. I suggest checking out the It is an amazing source of information and you can find shops, classes and other valuable information on the site.
    Peace & Blessings,
    Lady Carrigan

  3. Well which is it you want to be?
    The modern-day definition of witch refers to someone who practices witchcraft – most commonly associated with working magic by casting spells utilizing natural energies from within themselves and the earth, but often includes some method of alternative healing, as well as some method of divination.
    But over time, the definition of witch has changed – originally it was applied to one who practices malevolent/harmful magic. At one time, the title of witch was basically equated with “murderer”.
    So, it would all depend on your definition of “witch”.
    If you really want to be a modern-day witch, then you’d start by studying all you can about it, and realize that like any other set of skills, it is going to take much time and study to become adept at.
    A warlock is commonly held to mean “oath breaker” – basically a traitor who betrayed his coven.
    A wizard refers to a magician or sorcerer, one who practices magic – but this term is more commonly used in fictional stories than applied to real-life magic practitioners.

  4. say 3 times” i am a witch” it is as easy as that. but read up on wicca first and if you think it is for you try and join a group or a coven or work/practise from home as a solitary witch

  5. Read some books ,go online there are many sites to help.Its not like Halloween where you put on a costume and and pretend its a serious commitment, a way of life. The ability to utilize energy takes a life time of study and practice.

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