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How can I be a happy person when feeling sad all the time about the state of the consciousness of this planet?


  1. All you can do is to be as kind and helpful to others as you can. Big philosophical complaints solve nothing. Be an agent for change. Make a difference.

  2. Read Authentic Happiness by Seligman. I read it for my psychology class. Its pretty good. I sometimes see the news as well and feel kind of hopeless about everything that’s going on, but you just have to live your live and stay focused on what matters to you most, like family, friends, your own well being. If you feel passionate enough about a certain cause, then volunteer, speak up or do something about it.

  3. Well obviously we would ALL Be in despair and depressed if we FOCUSED on the many things in the world that are sad, discouraging and of a devastating nature, wouldn’t we? SO that is clearly the point – you CAN’T DWELL On those things.
    THere is still plenty of beauty, wonder, love, friendship, brotherly kindness, hope and positive KARMA out there too – you just have to focus on IT! All any of us can do is make the small part of our world BETTER from where we are. That starts with ourselves. If we make US better, happier, kinder, stronger, truer, more honest, more serving, more giving then we HAVE made a little bit of OUR WORLD a better place.
    HAVE YOU SEEN The movie “Pay it Forward”? If you haven’t you need to. The whole concept of the movie is SO uplifting and moving even though it is also terribly sad and depressing. If we do something for someone else and THEY do something for the next guy and it continues in that pattern – THEN The whole world can be touched for the better. We can’t control the WHOLE WORLD but we can control our part of it that we TOUCH. Google the word “Desiderata” – it’s a wonderfully inspirational and positive thinking poem from the 70’s that they made a song into and I LOVE IT. SO I’m sharing it with you too!


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