How can I avoid losing weight while doing hot yoga?






I don’t want to any lose weight…I just want to increase my flexibility and strength. But since doing the hot yoga class I’ve lost about 7-8 pounds on my already petite frame! I like having curves and I’m at my perfect weight. 120lbs 5’3″
I don’t wanna lose any more weight! What do I need to do?


  1. LOL at the first commenter.. she obviously didn’t read the question lol
    Anyways i don’t think yoga will make you loose weight..
    and y dont u just eat more?

  2. umm obviously the 1st answer didnt read the question!
    doing yoga means losing weight if you do it alot regularly, so you can actually eat more to keep your weight balanced! weigh yourself everyday and keep the weight you want to by eating more or less!

  3. hey fellow C&G user 😛
    You have to UP your calories to compensate. Add another 250 calories each day.

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