Home Discussion Forum how can i astral travel without getting stuck in lower negative plane?

how can i astral travel without getting stuck in lower negative plane?

serious answers only please, does anyone know how i can get from the negative plane i get stuck ,because i don’t like the feeling of not having control over my body,i tried to go up but i can’t.


  1. Astral traveling is nothing more than hypnopompic/hypnagogic paralysis. You are hallucinating, you are most likely experiencing REM sleep while being aware of your surrounding.

  2. A book written early last century will probably be of interest.
    Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington were psychic researchers and frequent astral travellers. They extensively researched the experiences of people who claimed to have had astral projection. Their book “Projection of the Astral Body” outlines techniques on how to do it.
    Despite what any other repliers might tell you, when done properly it is nothing like ‘dreaming’, imagination or meditation. It is a real experience which, when properly induced, can happen when you’re very much awake.
    It’s not something that should be tried ‘just for fun’. It can be quite frightening, particularly a feeling of bodily paralysis that can occur before the ‘event’, the fear of which must be overcome. I would strongly suggest you thoroughly read & understand the above book (or any other genuine authority) if you are interested in experiencing the phenomena. First of all examine your motives for wanting to ‘travel’.

  3. Sounds like you’re getting hung up on the sleep paralysis preceding projection. When you experience this, you do still have control of a body, but the body in question happens to be your etheric one, not the physical one you’re used to. Just relax at this stage, observe the sensations you feel without struggling. The struggle is what makes you perceive negative things. The plane you’re on is neither positive nor negative. Try projecting in the daytime instead and you’ll see it in a completely different light.
    ps. Sylvan Muldoon’s book is excellent, but it’s a little dated now – you might want to check out Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics for a more modern perpective. Here’s some of what it covers:


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