Home Discussion Forum How can i astral project?

How can i astral project?

and also can i speak to gods/angels when i Astral project, is the library just a myth, and can demons hurt me in the astral realm?


  1. If you actually believe in the astral realm, then you can be sure that demons can hurt you.
    If you think you can astral project, then of course the library is real and you can certainly speak to gods and angels.
    by the way, god doesn’t exist and angels don’t exist either ;;;;;;(((((((

  2. Here’s a high quality introduction for you:
    Gods and angels: it’s more their decision than yours, but there are a ton of other enlightened beings out there that are more accessible.
    The library: It’s real. ps: myths have objective existence in the astral anyway – they’re massively reinforced thought constructions.
    Demons: if you go looking for trouble you can probably find it, but anyone you stumble across accidentally is unlikely to cause you any problems other than fear.


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