Home Discussion Forum How can I astral project myself into the Cookie Queen's palace?

How can I astral project myself into the Cookie Queen's palace?

Look out, Thice-Baked – here I come!!
Please do, Tom!
Rofl!! Beyonce’s crotch, James? Just a wild guess lol 🙂
That’ll be $20., James. I’ll forward my Paypal info lol 🙂
I can’t wait, Thrice!!
Love you, angel 🙂


  1. My darling, just lie down and imagine yourself here and it will be.
    Cookie Queen? Woo hoo! Now you AND Tom from Myspace have recognized me for my worth! ‘Zilly, I was accused of “electing myself” Cookie Goddess some time ago to try to get in with the ‘in’ crowd. Of course this never happened though if I’d thought of it first, I may very well have called myself that. Why mess with truth? 😉 Ironically, those accusing me were a former self-appointed “Queen” of R&S and the very person who originally called me “Cookie Goddess”. Ain’t it all just strange, baby? What a long, strange trip it’s been. Indeed, Jerry. And always, from the very start, without sounding too gushy, you were one of my favorite people here. Now look at ya! Beaming like an infant with eczema and my cyber-lover!
    So I shall stick with Cookie Queen. It describes me better anyway, much more regal. I was never much for divinity myself. And I too shall learn to astral project and when we meet in spacetime you will say “Hi Thrice-Baked” and I will say “Hi, Zilly” and we will dance under the stars.
    ROTFL! Actually, it was a former mayor who wrote the last half of that last line and made me a little nauseous in my tummy. It was worse than that but I just can’t remember the exact quote. When we meet, Godzilla, it will BE stars. We’ll be dancin’ the jiggy right in the doorway. Mmm hmm.
    “Jiggy” of course being a hug-dance of the 17th century in Lithuania. Then – me, you, George – off to the bedroom!
    *Loves her ‘Zilla*
    EDIT: Ummmmph! *Holds concussed head* You made it! *Passes out cold*
    I love you too.

  2. Maybe if we eat SO many cookies that we pass out, then we will have such an altered-state-of-consiousness dream that will allow us to astral project to her palace…
    *waves to Thricey*
    Don’t be such a stranger, dear!


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