How can I astral project my first try?

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I have heard many say it takes years upon years to learn. Others have said that with the right mindset, it can be performed very early on. How can I do it right away? Thanks.

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Old School Hero

Big hurry? Won’t happen.


you’ll grow out of it… because you will realize it has really bad side effects…

Dreamstuff Entity

You can’t do it at all. Nobody can.


Sit in front of a mirror from two hours before sundown until two hours after.

Son of Wonder Weirdo

Drop some acid, you’ll travel through the universe.


It is not safe or advised to try on the first try, there is much you much learn first.


It really doesn’t take years upon years to learn. It takes good practice and establishing mind-body awareness. I suggest you purchase a book on how to master it, you’ll start seeing results within a few weeks.
If you’re dead set on trying to experience it on your first time, I suggest laying on your back when you go to sleep. If you realize you’re body is asleep with your mind awake, try to exit your physical body and explore around a bit. I don’t recommend trying it without any previous knowledge because some things that are normal with projection can seem very scary at first.


There is no right way. It can be very difficult for some people and a lot just give up trying. Just do your homework, look up various sites and try all the different techniques out there till you find one that actually does something for you.


this stuff is demonic. There is an unseen spiritual world out there, you are opening yourself up to demons, don’t open yourself up to this. It is an abomination to God, it says so in the Bible. I encourage you to watch this testimony of this man who practiced it – what he experienced and what made him come out of it. Accept Christ as your Saviour and seek God for answers not astral projection.
there are other parts on the side of the screen – this is just part 1


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