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How can I alter my consciousness without the use of drugs?

Besides meditation, or excersise.
notyou: WHY?


  1. Self-hypnosis, stillness and visual synchronicity with natural MOVING patterns, such as flowing wind, water, clouds, swirling snow, etc. especially the interaction between two or more of those moving elements and the constructions that occur in their interferences, such as a flock of birds whipping and vortexing back and forth through a tumbling flow of fog. Nostradamus and others used pigmented oils dropped into pans of water that swirled into fractals. The trick is not to “suppose” synchronicity but to feel it and succumb to it in the movements you are observing and match it with your own neurological energy frequency through deepening awareness secondary to letting go, relaxing and entering simple alpha states. It is like fine wine. The synchonicity gets better with age. Although the experience, when not “imagined”, supposed” or forced is rather paltry at first, it is better to remain honest about it and continue attempts. Each attempt, if you are truly letting go, will be more synchronious. It’s worth the wait, sometimes two-four months of daily one-hour exploration. But, like the “Magic Eye” illusions, once you reach that synchonicity, you have it forever as soon as you begin the experience.
    The altered state is like plunging down a blackhole into awesome lucidity and objective multiple dimensional perceptions, many multiples. This doesn’t dope the brain to make looking at the world like looking at it through a kaliedoscope. This allows the brain to perceive significantly more of what the real world really is that we normally don’t perceive with our human sensory equipment.
    It is helpful to exercise and sustain alpha state through biofeedback using biofeedback devices. Also, self-hypnosis coupled with sensory deprivation tank experiences of 20-30 minutes produce astonishing, lush, lucid altered states of consciousness. Do not use hallucinogenic drugs or alcohol with sensory tank experiences. If you have congenital brain lesions, strobe lights and self-hypnosis can produced various interesting altered consciousness experiences, unfortunately, including triggering epileptic seizures in some cases. And, self-hypnosis coupled with unwavering, sustained visual focus on one-lumen light sources (a candle flame from a distance) can produce shallow but interesting experiences and altered perceptions if you do not have nystagmus.
    Any self-hypnosis tape used every night at the onset of sleep for at least a month prepares you for that component of the experiences. The following link is time-lapse images of weather patterns. That pattern, a fractal, is a universal natural pattern of movement or fluid dynamics, like the Pythagorean nautilus spiral shape is universal and found everywhere in nature in all constructions. That’s the shape to recognize and synchronize visually with in natural moving patterns. http://loop.ph/twiki/pub/Loop/WeatherPatterns/weatherPatterns03.gif
    Edit: Once you’ve learned how to achieve visual synchronicity altered states, couple that state with THIS experience for full-body tactile altered states of perception rather than a visual focus You need to start with jumps from 10,000 – 15,000 feet, though, for the effect:


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