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How can I activate the first chakra?

Could you give me some exercices? Like meditations, visualizations,mantra….Thank you


  1. It would be good to concentrate on that center with your awareness but you should be anchored in the third eye. Then, breathe up the spine to the third eye and exhale the energy back down to the root chakra again. If you are good at visualization you can then picture the chakra wheel spinning but it is helpful to bring your attention up to each successive chakra and visualize it spinning until you finally reach the highest center of the brain.
    There is a reason why you should be anchored above and not just concentrate on the lower chakra exclusively. In fact, with this well-rounded method, you should be able to awaken it more easily.

  2. The most effective exercise that I know of is this…
    Either sit in a chair or lie on your back.
    Focus your concentration on the location of the first chakra.
    concentrate on the chakra filling with red energy.
    Feel the energy begin to spin and whirl like a pinwheel of red flame.
    Continue until you can no longer maintain your concentration.
    Perform this exercise until you can maintain focus on the chakra for a minimum of 15 minutes. After a few weeks you can increase the time focusing on the chakra if you desire, but 15 minutes is a good time. Once you reach THAT level the chakra will be filled with more energy than you might have thought possible.
    I also have similar exercise for the OTHER chakras if you are interested.

  3. Sure… Though I don’t teach them ‘in order’ from bottom to top… Rather I start with the 2nd… which lines up with the Karate “Ki” spot, center of your balance, in the center of your body at the naval.
    Visualize Orange, an orange ball within your body, as your breathe in, air enters through your lungs, and forms there, expanding and contracting slightly with your breath. Imagine this orange become more clear, brilliant and powerful.
    When you’re done, imagine it getting smaller and disappearing. It’s all about imagination.


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