Home Discussion Forum How can I achieve out of the body experiences or astral projection?

How can I achieve out of the body experiences or astral projection?


  1. It takes many years of practice.
    An exercise to try to start off: When you lay in bed at night, just before you go to sleep try to tell yourself to realize you are dreaming. Once you do this you can control what goes on in your dreams, it takes a very long time to learn. Once you do that you can eventually control where you go in your dreams and leave your body.
    Check out this website. It has a lot of information if you are serious about it.

  2. Mystic is absolutly right. Ive been meditating for years and have never achived this. Im not sure i ever will. I do believe this to be a “gift” and it is not revealed to everyone.

  3. Be patient. Everybody eventually has an out of body experience. Some people have to wait their whole lives long, but they have one in the end.

  4. Practice. Experience. Books. Go to the New Age or Occult section of your local library or bookstore. I have never done it, but The Complete Book of Witchcraft (The Big Blue Book That Won’t Fit On Your Bookshelf) has a section about it.

  5. I used to do this as a kid. I noticed as I gained weight, I could no longer achieve this. It really helps to be vegetarian and as skinny as possible.
    Lay in bed with eyes closed, begin with relaxation procedure. Take the relaxation procedure and go deeper deeper deeper into it. Relax every muscle in your body until you no longer feel your body. Do this by tightening muscles then releasing them and increasing the level of relaxation. Search the net for relaxation excersizes.
    Then when sufficiently relaxed, there are different ways to trick yourself out of your body. Sometimes it happens spontaneously while in a deep relaxation. For me I would use a method where I imagine myself on a big swing, and I keep swinging until eventually I fly off the swing and out of my body. Search the net for more information.

  6. PCP and Ketamine. If you can’t get that stuff, go Robo-tripping(taking Robitussin in high volumes). Make sure that the only active ingredient is DXM(dextromethorphan). If you take alot(from 800mg-1000mg) you will most likely get an out of body experience see the below website for more info.


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