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How can I achieve astral projection?


  1. Due to a genetic birth condition, I have some powers of extra-sensory perception. You can acheive astral project by finding a quiet dark room and sitting in without making noice for half an hour. Divorce yourself of the material world. Keep chanting. Dear Lord, God, our Heavenly Father while you sit. You will feel your body and spirit begin to rise. Be careful, however. You will be seeing a hint of the afterlife. It can be beautiful or terrifying.

  2. Through the practical technique of Transcendental Meditation. (TM)
    I recommend to you a book from Jack Forem> Transcendental Meditation. (to have an idea)
    Jack Forem, offers a comprehensive introduction to TM and the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI)
    He traces the growth of Maharishi’s worldwide movement over the last decade, explains the principles of SCI, and reviews the scientific research on TM. (edit)
    Jack Forem has been director of the New York Center of the Students International Meditation Society. (edit)
    Note: The Beatles were students of Maharishi Mahesh (Yogi in India)
    Hope this book will help you in your quest.

  3. tisk tisk…such pitiful answers 🙂 likewise i suggest you check out my profile cuz i have answered 50 questions on this topic already and it really is getting too tedious to retype everything….check out people’s questions i have answered as in some i will say what it’s like and others i will say how or what i do to do it. most of it seems to be involuntary though 🙂
    i hope that help and don’t listen to these people…..let them not know what they are missing ^.~


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