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How can I achieve a spiritual experience through meditation?

I’m trying not to resort to drugs here. I’ve been a little mixed up lately to say the least and I feel like I need to be more connected with myself and my surroundings. I want something more than just “clearing my mind” and concentrating. I want an experience.


  1. Hi.I think I know how you feel. I also often think that I want something more than just clearing my mind and concentrating. I have been trying to practise meditation for a long time and I have come to a realization that all I perhaps only deserving that much.
    What I mean is that I have experienced a lot of depression and anxiety since before I began meditation. And nowadays also I let myself fall into those states and don’t give myself fully to meditation. So I just feel satisfied that I can at least achieve that much because even that much saves my life.
    However, when it comes to going beyond that then I think it actually requires more effort. It requires that we dive deeply into the philosophy behind meditation.
    One aspect of that is that we need to be more familiar with the subject upon who/which we are meditating.
    Within eastern philosophy there are many different meditation techniques. Some teach to meditate on light, some on the supersoul within the heart and there are so many other authoritive and also speculative techniques. It is necessary that we discriminate which is actually useful.
    According to eastern thought, it is necessary that we have a teacher to help us do that because we may be a bit helpless trying to discriminate without the help of an expert.
    Then the problem arises of discriminating who is an expert and who is a cheater. You just have to meet them and read their writings to get inspired on that one.
    Gaudiya Vaisnavism, the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Vedic scriptures of India have given recomendation in this age for the process known as mantra meditation. Reason being that the sounds are transcendental names of God.
    Within meditation we have to control the mind and senses. This is not just to be done at the time of meditation but it should be brought into the lifestyle so that meditation will happen naturally and easily.
    The tongue is the most uncontrollable of the senses so using it to chant a mantra is a very effective way to control it. Within Bhakti yoga all the senses are withdrawn from the sense objects but they are also given new spiritual engagements to purify them. By the senses continually being in contact with matter, only misery comes. The senses have be spiritualized and it starts with the tongue.
    The ears hear the mantra. The hands touch sacred tulsi beads to count the number of times the mantra is uttered. As for the eyes and nose there are also engagements.
    So what does the mind do at that time of meditation? According to Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion) it meditates on the sound of the mantra, the form of the diety worshipped and the pastimes.
    Pastimes means that one can read Srimad Bhagavatam under the guidance of a very experienced devotee of God, in which is elaborately described pastimes of the Supreme personality of Godhead.
    This is proper meditation. We have to meditate on the Supreme reality then the experience that you seek will be coming directly from the mercy of that Supreme person.
    This website can explain lots about this. Good luck!

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  3. Practice Christian Science. No drugs. No training courses. Just simple truths that open up a new way of seeing yourself as divinely spiritual.
    See christianscience.com, or spirituality.com
    PS: Don’t resist drugs because you fear them. Instead, learn about what you can rely on that is not available in pill, capsule or liquid form.

  4. You’re in luck. The most famous Yogi in India has made several videos on pranayama and someone has uploaded several of them to YouTube. First the warnings:
    1. Pranayama can be physically dangerous if performed incorrectly.
    2. If performed correctly pranayama can contribute to the awakening of the kundalini, which CAN cause mental distress IF there is no mentor to guide and reassure. The autobiography of Gopi Krishna chronicles just one example of what can happen when kundalini awakens in one without proper preparation and understanding. This is one of the reasons why traditionally these things were taught DIRECTLY from guru to disciple. O.K., try these first thing in the morning (best) or if that is not possible then make sure that you haven’t eaten for five hours before you start. The link is below. Remember to follow the instructions in the video very carefully and please don’t try these before you have to do childcare, drive or operate heavy machinery (until you are experienced with the techniques and their effects on you). Good luck!


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