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How can I achieve a natural altered state of consciousness from the comforts of my bedroom?

Self-explanatory, I hope. =X


  1. If I am understanding the question right; you might want to make sure its not dark colors. Put bright colors which are happy colors. If you like fish or something; put a fish tank in there with live fish. You could also put a green live plant in your room. Make it HAPPY and ALIVE. You will notice a difference. I hope this helps.

  2. It is quite commonly known as daydreaming; wishful thinking; or writing a novel. Just do it creatively, so you may financially benefit from it. Learn to paint. Learn to write. Learn to create poetry. Learn to think.

  3. I always believed that mind-alterning drugs don’t really change your brain as much as they unlock the amazing capabilities of the mind to travel through different dimensions and universes. You don’t need drugs, do it naturally.
    And I applaud you for trying to reach this state without pharmaceuticals.
    Here were go: Use your imagination. Get in a dark, quiet place. Squeeze and release all your muscles from your toes to your eyebrows. Breathe deeply to relax.
    Then imagine you are flying in a spaceship through the universe.
    You land on a distant planet….you approach a fair where there are dozens of booths showing different states of consciousness.
    Choose the one you want. Absorb it into your mind. Let it flow freely about the interior of your brain.
    Enjoy this new feeling.
    This amazing gift from the Creator.
    I also achieve this state while taking a warm bath…..

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