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How can I achieve a higher level of consciousness?


  1. meditation, hypnosis, chanting, astral projection, deep guided meditation, group based spiritual ecstacy!
    Join a coven! As a group you will be on a higher consciousness pretty much all the time you’re with the coven!

  2. 1.Sit down with a guide to ab-initio calculations and try to find the exact solution for each orbital of benzene.
    2. Smoke a joint followed by a big nip of absinthe
    3. Sit down with how to worship Vajrayogini text and perform the various rituals to reach dakini-land.

  3. If you want to open your level of consciousness then go with what you know.
    In other words, begin to study yourself, what makes you up, what forms your being. Take a few months and read about your body and its intricacies. If this does not begin to fill you with a sense of awe and importance by which you can transfer into thinking and meditation, I cannot offer you more.
    Nature and the universe is the stuff of which you are made. Just think, you are the same substance as the universe. In fact, you are the universe’s ability to think about itself. Learn about the greatness contained around you because it is the same greatness contained within.

  4. Most doctrines train you to still the mind, integrate the intellect with the imagination and work with energy (not electricity mind you, but rather chi energy or the natural energy resident in your body).
    To achieve what could be called superconsciousness, christ consciousness or enlightenment, generally you must systematically destroy the ego. Once you do, the higher consciousness should open for you.
    There are many paths to get there. You can study one of many religions, metaphysics, new age philosophy, use subliminal and brain entrainment recordings just to name a few.
    Remember that you are already changing modes of consciousness every day, from waking to sleeping, you are going through alpha, beta, theta and delta states. This occurs naturally, though you can refine and even learn to recall a state with training.
    Asking yourself why you want to achieve a higher level of consciousness will do much for you in selecting which path to it you take.


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