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How can I access my subconscious mind?

I have been practicing self-hypnosis for the past few days in an attempt to tap into the subconscious part of my brain, but so far I have no idea whether or not I’m making progress.
How do you know for sure that you’ve breached into the subconscious part of the mind? Is there an easier way to do it?
When I’m self-hypnotizing, I usually just go into a trance-like, super relaxed state of almost falling asleep. Is that when you can tap into the subconscious?
Are there any sure fire ways to make it happen so that I will know for sure that I’m doing it right? Any suggestions? And please don’t ask me why I’m doing this.
I said SUBCONSCIOUS, not unconscious. Learn to read. And I wasn’t asking whether or not it exists. It does exist. It’s a proven fact. I was asking how I can distract my conscious mind in an attempt to breach the subconscious. If you don’t have an appropriate answer, then just don’t say anything.


  1. It is our store house of all the memories. We can put some of our life problems or worries into our sub-conscious mind. Keeping our worries in abeyance and attending to some other topic instead of brooding over the same subject. There is something called auto-suggestion. Our stored worries or problems gets solved automatically with the help of universal infinite intelligence, which is superb in all respects. It has a fine wireless connection with each mind.

  2. start to meditate.
    Start exploring the causes of emotions.
    and u will understand slowly (it takes some time through…)

  3. our subconscious mind is just like memory in a computer, the subconscious is a compilation of past experiences, you can’t access it, but you can realize what is on your subconcious mind. for instance, you’re always nervous when you are in a social setting; it could be because your parents were too protective of you and never let you out, and that experience is programmed into your subconscious mind. you can attempt to rewire your subconcious mind by continually approaching your fears, but it’s difficult

  4. You are attempting to find something that is not there. The only way you are going to tap into it is to create it first. You might as easily create a collective unconscious.
    The unconscious mind is generally accepted as the reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that outside of our conscious awareness. If you can bring it into conscious awareness, was it ever really unconscious?
    What you are actually talking about is a theoretical construct, something that works in theory and helps mystics and psychiatrists take money from you. How does creating the distinction of an unconscious mind, and separating that deep stuff from that shallow stuff, help you as a person?
    You might as well try Jung’s “Collective Unconscious” or Zen’s “No Mind.” You could just as easily explore the ever unfolding of the “Darma.” Or how about going into “Past Life Regression.”
    In psychoanalysis, the method used is free association. That means simply talking about whatever comes into your mind. Un-restricted and unedited talk. You might try talking into a tape recorder. But then the things you say must then be interpreted according to psychoanalytic theory. (There is that word again, THEORY.)
    Here is the simple fact. You have no unconscious mind. You have a mind. If you sit and watch it, you will sometimes put together things that you have not put together before. If you look at yourself, your thouthts, motivations and desires, you will begin to understand them. If you try to study yourself, you will learn about yourself. If you study a rock, you will learn about the rock. A geologist has more words to describe a rock than I do. A person who studies the self will also acquire more words. The idea of an unconscious mind is just one word among many, but be cautioned, for it is the act of searching that creates the unconscious mind. You could just as easily create a belief in God, space aliens, or a big rubber pickel that controls the world from inside a jar of mayonaise.
    Another good technique for getting in touch with yourself is Journal writing. Try not to edit, just write what you think, anything at all you think or feel.
    In the end, often insights can come from an outside source, a teacher. This is why there is a tradition for gurus, counselors and the like. They are totally unnecessary and at the same time may be necessary for some and may be useful if they can help with the creation of insights.
    Finally, with all that said. All the insight in the wolrd will not buy you a cup of coffee if you do not have a dollar in your pocket.
    Good Luck to you.


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